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Our Caminus range includes many different models of oil-fired marine heating systems, varying in capacity, size and the option for hot water provision. We have a suitable system for any yacht or vessels up to 40 metres in length, and for commercial vessels.

Caminus boiler control

The Caminus Boiler Control system is characterised by its compactness and multifunctional and very powerful operation. Every model in our Caminus range offers you the following benefits: low fuel consumption, low electricity consumption, multifunctional installation, simple operation, environmentally friendly, solid construction, low-maintenance and a good price-quality ratio.

We offer a 10-year guarantee on the body of the boiler. The overall guarantee is for 2 years, except for all parts subject to wear and tear, including the oil filter and oil nozzle.

To calculate the capacity needed for a central heating installation and the radiators, we refer you to: calculate CH installation.

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The Caminus Boiler control system is also known for:

  • High efficiency >92%
  • Clean combustion LOW NOx principle
  • Available from 10kW
  • Small size
  • With boiler control

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