In-house Production​

Installation and maintenance​

Breakdown service


It goes without saying that we provide high-quality and reliable service, both before and after you purchase your marine heating system. As the entire process is in-house, from initial design to installation, we can guarantee optimum service. We would be very happy to give you advice or help with a breakdown and/or maintenance  of your marine heating system.



Our home port, where we prefer to install boilers and heating systems, or carry out service and maintenance work, is the marina Jachthaven de Vrijhaven in Vianen (the Netherlands). Vessels can moor here free of charge whilst the work is executed (excluding electricity consumption and other costs). If you would prefer us to carry out the installation elsewhere we can, of course, make alternative arrangements with you.


Marine heating needs maintenance to stay in good condition. Our specialists will ensure that, after maintenance, your central heating boiler works as well as it did on day one.

We advise that you adhere to the following maintenance schedule:

  • for use during the sailing season: a service once every two years
  • for permanent use: an annual service


We would be happy to arrange a meeting to explain our range of maintenance services to you in person.

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