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The Smart-Line is the smallest and most compact diesel or oil-fired CH boiler in the world, providing 7kW of heat! Due to its compactness and its fully automatic, ultra-quiet and multi-functional performance, the Smart-Line is ideally suited to a wide variety of small and large motor boats, small and large sailing yachts, camper vans, holiday homes, horse vans, and flower transport lorries.

Smart-Line Combi

The Smart-Line Combi with hot water provision is characterised by its compactness and multifunctional and very powerful operation. Every model in our Smart-Line range offers you the following benefits: low fuel consumption, low electricity consumption, multifunctional installation, simple operation, environmentally friendly, solid construction, low-maintenance and a good price-quality ratio.

We offer a 10-year guarantee on the body of the boiler. The overall guarantee is for 2 years, except for all parts subject to wear and tear, including the oil filter and oil nozzle.

To calculate the capacity needed for a central heating installation and the radiators, we refer you to: calculate CH installation.

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The Smart-Line Combi is also known for:

  • High efficiency >91%
  • Clean combustion LOW NOx principle
  • 7kW CH boiler
  • Compact size
  • Hot water provision

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